About Us

LightStart was co-founded by Simon Edwards and Dan Akers, who had worked together previously for six years – both within agency environments and on their own projects.

It was created in recognition of the fact that the current project delivery process employed by most agencies and developers is flawed, and gives most clients a pretty stressful experience.  The process detailed in the Our Process page is an attempt to rectify this, based on their different experiences delivering digital projects over the last 20 years.

Simon Edwards

Operations Director & Co-Founder

Over the past 15 years the digital sector has been my focus.  As well as being a part of the entrepreneurial community in Yorkshire. I’m proud to be one of the founders of LightStart, using the skills and experience built up over the years to help others take their ideas through to real commercially viable products.

Running LightStart allows us to meet interesting people and businesses on a weekly basis, all with new, different, and exciting ideas that all have their own unique challenges. The best part working with these businesses is helping them shape their ideas into real live products that meet commercial objectives…often this is to generate more sales and revenue.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your unique idea!

Dan Akers

Business Systems Analyst & Co-Founder

I’ve been a Business Analyst for a long time, since before it was really even something you could use in a conversation and have people understand what it meant.  Before that – for the first 8 years or so – I did a number of technical roles – I started out typing Auto Trader, worked as an Admin guy, a DBA, a data-warehousing guy, then an MI Manager… there’s a long list.

It was at that point that I discovered that Business Analysis was a distinct ‘thing’, and realised I’d been doing it all that time, regardless of what my role had been.  I then switched to Contract BA work for about ten years, working in pretty much every sector – retail, comms, finance, the public sector, education… it’s another long list.  It’s fair to say I embrace change.

It was whilst working for the NHS that I first fell in love with online digital.  After a two year stint as a Development Manager at a web agency, I decided that providing BA services to clients wanting digital projects was what I was best at.  That’s what I’ve been doing ever since – I LOVE new ideas, and I’m always excited to have the next interface challenge, the next grand bespoke platform – it’s all I think about between family time and sleeping time.

Our Network

We’re extremely lucky to be able to work with a trusted network of highly skilled, extremely talented group of people, across a diverse set of skills:

  • Creative
  • Front End Developers
  • UX Specialists
  • Server Side Coders
  • Analysts
  • Systems Integration Experts

Wherever we can, we like to work with the best people we can find within the local area.  We also work with teams nationally and internationally – whichever team is the best fit for your project and budget.