App Development

LightStart is a digital design house, specialising in apps, and bespoke digital platforms. We build apps, websites and the infrastructure to drive them.

We aren’t tied to any specific type of app development language or product. This allows us to select from the latest technologies, build something truly unique, or select from cheaper off-the-shelf solutions – whatever is most appropriate for your project.

All our build projects begin with our rock-solid up-front digital analysis process, ensuring total clarity and understanding around what we are building, and what you want to get out of the project.  Our network of developers work using Agile development methodologies, and we share all our working project boards with our clients to ensure complete transparency all the way through to launch.

We’d love to tell you more about what we build, and how we run our projects – but the best way is to show you!  So come in and see us (or we can come to you) and we’ll take you through a free 1 hour workshop capturing your requirements.  We’re confident you’ll want to continue the process.

All our projects are costed based on your requirements.  However to help understand the type of costs involved, we’ve put together the table below of indicative costs.

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Example App / Platform Prices

Our analysis process captures your features, puts them into priority order, and creates a phased delivery roadmap with accurate costings. The table below is intended to give examples of the types of functionality that would fall into different price brackets – as we always say, there’s a ‘version that costs this and a version that costs that…’

Basic App £8k - £10k

  • Simple Catalogue or Form Based App
  • Potential to use an 'off-the-shelf- solution
  • iPhone and Android Apps
  • Published to the App Store
  • Simple App - 5-8 screens
  • Simple Admin Platform - 3-5 screens
  • Minimal Bespoke Functionality
  • No/Minimal Webservices & APIs
  • No 'Supporting Website'

Medium Bespoke £10k - £20k

  • More advanced app functionality
  • More advanced platform
  • Simple Webservices & APIs
  • Logins & User Accounts
  • Bespoke Development
  • iPhone and Android Apps
  • Published to the App Store
  • Bigger App- 10-20 screens
  • Better Admin Platform - 8-12 screens
  • More Bespoke Functionality
  • Some Reporting
  • 'Supporting Website'

Full App & Platform £20k - £50k

  • Full advanced app functionality
  • Full advanced platform
  • Advanced Webservices & APIs
  • Logins & User Accounts
  • Bespoke Development
  • iPhone and Android Apps
  • Published to the App Store
  • Complex App- 20-40 screens
  • Customised User Interfaces
  • Full Admin Platform - 15-20 screens
  • Fully Bespoke Functionality
  • Full Reporting
  • 'Supporting Website'
  • Web Based version of App functionality
All displayed prices are exclusive of VAT
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