Leeds Business Community takes a bite out of working lunches with innovative new app Biter

This morning was the (SOLD OUT) sixth Leeds Digital Coffee Morning – December 2016 – hosted by LightStart at Entrepreneurial Spark, Leeds.  As always, it was free coffee and pastries, relaxed – non-salesy networking, and taking another App idea all the way from a single line, to a well defined structure and strategy, on this occasion a lovely app idea called Biter.

We had a brilliant turn out this month, with representatives from Magpie, See GreenInterquest, EIP, Business and IP Centre, SLContent… and lots of other engaged people.  Also, big thanks to Patisserie Valerie Leeds for stepping up with some free cups after we were let down!

So, it’s with great pleasure we introduce you to… Biter, the Tinder for indecisive business lunchers.


I [hate] lunches

I love food – you can tell just by looking at me.  But years of working in a busy city centre makes me HATE food.

The same routine day after day, walking out of my office and saying ‘what do I want to eat’, ‘where do I want to go’. Having to queue at the cash machine. Spending my lunch walking to somewhere I’ve heard might be nice, to discover it only has bad sandwiches left.  Walking a little too far in my lunch, the food taking too long, and then having to wolf it down and run back.

All this contributes to me ending up eating at my nearest food place, and there’s only so much Bagel Nash anyone can eat in one lifetime.

A journey of food discovery!

Biter is the opposite of all of this. Once you have the app installed, you spend 5 minutes setting up your filters and parameters – where you are, how far you’re willing to walk, what foods you like and dislike, your budget.  As soon as that is completed, your lunch time food experience is transformed from a dull drudge from place to place, staring at the same uninspiring menus, to a visual journey of discovery.

Using a Tinder style interface, Biter lets you browse through a selection of freshly prepared, local dishes from local businesses – some you’ll know, some will be new.  Swipe left to get rid of those you don’t fancy, swipe right to see more details.  Eventually, your eyes and your stomach agree, and tell your brain what you’d like (science!)

Decision made, tap to book and pay for your meal, and agree a collection time – that way, you can guarantee everything is ready, the fresh is still fresh, and the piping hot is still piping when you arrive to collect it.  All you need to do is follow the directions to the local business, jump the queue, show the app confirmation screen and walk away with your delicious meal!

Feeling ‘Foodventurous?’ ™  Why not click the I Feel Lucky button, and have your lunch selected automatically – using your location and taste parameters.  The ultimate in taking the decisions away from the indecisive!

Low Risk for a Delicious Return

When you’ve eaten, rate the dish and the business overall, to help others find something new for their lunch too!  New businesses get a period of 2 months grace to build up positive reviews, after which businesses with lower ratings are automatically displayed lower in the list, so Biters are always guaranteed the best quality!

It’s free for businesses to sign up for Biter.  Every day, they can use the app to take photos of dishes they would like to offer – a maximum of 3 dishes each day.  Fill in the mandatory allergen details and other information, commit to how many you are going to offer out, and push them to the Biter platform.  Biter takes a small 7.5% commission on every sale (including transaction fees), but if you don’t sell there’s no charge – so you can experiment with new menu ideas, what you offer, how many you want to sell.

We’ll provide you with Biter branded boxes and marketing materials to use for your dishes – just click in the app and we’ll bring you some more!  It really is as simple as that.  If there are any issues with a customer, simply flag them up through your app – we’ll give them a call, have a chat, and potentially remove them from the platform to prevent any further issues.

I [LOVE] lunches

The primary goal of Biter is to help business lunchers discover new and exciting local eateries, that they might not discover otherwise.  Over time, we have plans to increase the Biter platform to allow users to request information, and request and vote for favourite dishes.  Additionally, the app will act as a credit loading loyalty app, giving you money back for repeated visits to businesses – all driven by the business themselves and what they will give you back.

You’ll never need to wander out into the cold streets of your city, with a confused and hungry look on your face again!

As always… sound too good to be true?  Wondering why this doesn’t already exist?!

Biter is what you get when you take a bunch of lovely, engaged Leeds folk – fill them full of pastries and coffee, and use LightStart’s  interactive process to convert an idea into a strategy… even an entire business model! As always, thanks to everyone who came down, for getting involved and having SUCH great ideas in the first place.

In a rare turn of events, it looks like the name Biter doesn’t ACTUALLY exist – except for this guy who looks like he works through most of his lunches 🙂

LightStart’s process starts by capturing the ideas you have and the issues you want to overcome, prioritising them, and mapping them to focused outcomes.  These in turn inform the features, the features are prioritised into development phases, and the phases inform the overall launch strategy.  At the same time, we create a structure for the app and platform, choose the best monetisation strategy, and even move into interface design.

We always have fun running these sessions at the Leeds Digital Coffee Mornings – if you’d like to come along, it’s free and you can book a ticket here.

LightStart offers their proven process as part of their development lifecycle, as a standalone service – or via paid or free workshops.  You can contact us at ideas@lightstart.co.uk for more information, or visit lightstart.eventbrite.co.uk to find an upcoming event near you.

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