Reasons you should book a workshop

In a one hour session the team will help you discover how to get your idea from where it is now to a low stress launch. We do this by taking you through our tried and tested process to help us understand and define your idea. The session is completely ‘unplugged’ i.e. no phones or laptops involved! All we use is a giant whiteboard and some coloured board pens.

  • Interactively create a structured plan of your idea
  • Help you to define your idea
  • Offer tailored advice for your idea
  • Define a phased roadmap
  • Demonstrate the LightStart analysis-led process

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the process

This free workshop is open to anyone with a new idea, be they entrepreneurs, scaleups or those from larger businesses who have been tasked with building a new product. No matter the size of the project, LightStart always begins with this free workshop. The analysis-led process will make sure that your new project starts in the best way to define your project and to successfully achieve your goals.

LightStart will facilitate the workshop and guide your team throughout, creating a relaxed, thought-provoking and safe space in which everyone’s opinions are aired. By the end of the one hour workshop YOUR idea will be mapped out on the board in a very clear and structured format.

our free ideas workshop includes
Defining your goals and outcomes
Identifying your key features
Prioritising the order of feature development
Defining your monetisation strategy
Creating a phased delivery roadmap
what you can expect
1-2 people from your side
2 people from LightStart who run the session
Large whiteboards to capture your ideas
A write up of the discussion after the workshop
Recommended next steps