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LightStart Insights: Turning your app idea into a reality

how to make a prototype of your app

You’ve had that ‘lightbulb moment’ for a new life changing (or at least mildly life-improving) app or digital product. What started as a passing thought turned into a rush of excitement as you told your friends and family all about it – with some even agreeing that it could actually work! After collecting feedback you’ve […]

Dimension – The Dementia Progression app

The first Friday of every month, we host our longest standing event: Leeds Digital Coffee Morning. A breakfast event of networking and an interactive app session fully stocked with 200 Degrees coffee & pastries goodies! We spent the morning networking with new and returning faces while enjoying a delicious 200 Degrees breakfast in The Mezzanine in Platform, […]

Plan&Go – the social planning app

After we were unfortunately left with no choice but to cancel March’s Coffee Morning due to weather conditions of the extreme kind (yes, that snow!) we were raring to get back to our monthly routine with another LDCM last Friday. If you haven’t been, it is one of our longest standing and most popular digital […]

6 benefits a retail app could bring YOUR business

Remaining in tune with customers is arguably the most important challenge retail companies must consistently achieve to remain successful and competitive. In order for them to do this, they must understand their customer deeply, and be able to offer them exactly the solutions and products they want in the most accessible and convenient ways. The […]

If the ‘app fits

So, you want to build an app? Read on for our Top Tips! According to comScore’s latest report*, apps now account for 82% of total mobile minutes, so it sounds like an app is a no-brainer solution for all of us, right? Wrong. Whether you’re an existing business looking to expand your product set or […]

Top Ten Tips to Avoid Being Burned By Digital Projects.

avoid being burned by digital projects

Over and over, we hear the same thing from our clients… they’ve had horrible experiences getting an app or website built and out to market.  We’d like to offer our Top Ten tips to help you get your brilliant app, platform or website built (and avoid being burned by digital projects!) These tips have a […]

Everyone Has Been Burned By Digital Projects… EVERYONE.

Burned By Digital Projects

We run app development projects with clients of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups, small to medium businesses – even internal teams within larger businesses – and there’s one thing they ALL have in common – they’ve all been BURNED by digital projects No matter who we work with, we find is that they ALL say exactly […]