Click Paws – The app to Improve Pet’s Welfare

This month’s LDCM saw a few extra numbers due to an incentive we’ve been running with 200 Degrees, if you bring a newbie along to the event, you’d receive a free coffee for you both! Along with that, came lots of brand new app ideas, with a few brought up we’ve actually already crowd-sourced! It can get tricky after two years of LDCM’s! But our attendees always come prepared with new ideas…this time around the Welfare of Pets, particularly Cats.

The LDCM Way

Our Coffee Morning is sponsored by our friends over at CathCart Recruit and MacComms, and supplied to the brim by 200 Degrees with never ending pastries and some great coffee. It’s held down in the relaxed setting of Platform’s Mezzanine while we network and brunch. We then move upstairs where, Our co-founder Dan Akers takes us through the usual format of the crowd-sourced app process.

This was an interesting one, for all the animal and pet lovers. Our guests and Dan together, took the app from initial idea all the way through to a finished concept.

The App Ideas

-Meditation timer

-Reminders 200 (modern app)

-internet of thing for pets

-food discovery app

-relationship gambling app

-My services in the area

The winner of course being The Internet of Things for pets… AKA

                                                                     Click Pawz –                                                                                      The Cat Welfare app

The main goal agreed by our group to be the welfare of pet’s. Although secretly to fulfil some of the curiosity of what pets get up to…specifically cats, when they’re out and about. However, seeing where it’s been and a map of its travels only touches the surface of the different features thought up at this mornings session.


Some of the others…
-Preventing Mice brought in
-the ability to switch on entertainment (a favourite Cat-Flick they may have)
-medical monitoring for tablets and applying treatments,
-tracking their most playful periods and,
-a Kit-Bit, a great feline alternative to the ordinary FitBit. Plus, so many other creative and thought provoking features thrown in too. 

Click Pawz Design

Click Pawz would be an embedded chip, suggesting Click Pawz and its set up box could be purchased from the vet. This way they could fit it at the time. There would be sensors in the environment, to react to this chip based on motion, video or even AI that the sensors could pick up on.

This session definitely could have gone on a lot longer and created an even lonngger list than it already was. But, all fun has to end eventually! And so do the coffee & pastries, but they put up a good fight.

Would Click Pawz be an app you would use? Would you be interested to improve your pets fitness and welfare? Or even to see where they get to when you’re not around. Or is there anything you would add that has been missed off? 

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