HitchR – The Uber of Hitch-hiking

Our Monthly Leeds Digital Coffee Morning… A breakfast event full of networking and an interactive app session along with our sponsor Tesla Leeds.

The brand new app created in this mornings sessions was HitchR. The main goal of the app is to expand your horizons through assured social travel. There were endless ideas this morning of what the app could include and the path it could take, but here are the main points of what the session created…

The Sat Nav of hitching
A safe way of adventuring to and exploring new places as a passenger for a low, or no cost fee. Allowing drivers to meet new people, in a social and unfearful way. View user profiles, and give rates and reviews on your experience.


A social experience
As the target of the app is to create a culture to travel and experience new things, it wouldn’t be targeted as a car-share app for trips to work. But rather spontaneous trips in order to socialise with new people for a low-cost manner. The target for encouraging drivers to sign up would be interested in an enriching social experience as opposed to a monetary gain. Therefore providing an eco and fearless way to travel in a cost-friendly manner!

Let us know if HitchR would be an app you would use if it was a thing? What are your thoughts on a hitch-hiker app?

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