LightStart Insights: Turning your app idea into a reality

how to make a prototype of your app

You’ve had that ‘lightbulb moment’ for a new life changing (or at least mildly life-improving) app or digital product. What started as a passing thought turned into a rush of excitement as you told your friends and family all about it – with some even agreeing that it could actually work! After collecting feedback you’ve […]

Sponsor Spotlight: Interview with Alistair Collier from Sanderson

One of the greatest aspects of the Leeds business community is our collaborative nature and willingness to promote and support each other. On the topic of supporters, we thought it was due time to sit down with our headline sponsor, Sanderson Recruitment, to find out more about how their company aligns with LightStart and why […]

Taking Your App Idea To Market: A Case Study with Jack Boyle

Jack Boyle was struggling to get his app idea accurately quoted, which was preventing him from taking the crucial next steps in building his revolutionary new idea. Here’s what happened when someone he knew recommend the LightStart team to help….. How we help take digital ideas to market The problem Jack was getting frustrated. An […]

Digital Coffee Morning | FundR – the local project funding platform

Another digital coffee morning, another great idea! This time we created the local project funding platform: FundR. Here’s a brief insight into how we went from choosing the right name all the way to creating a ready-to-build product! What is digital coffee morning? We invite 50+ individuals from all different industries to join us for […]

Digital coffee morning workshop: Eatical – the ethical food shopping app

At this month’s digital coffee morning we created the ethical recipe and emission tracking app: Eatical. Find out how our interactive workshop session went down. What is digital coffee morning? If you haven’t already heard (or seen us raving online!) about our digital coffee morning workshops, then we’ll explain the structure. We invite 50+ individuals […]

Announcing Sanderson as our new Headline Sponsor

In a recent press-release in Business Up North, we finally announced the exciting news about Sanderson as our headline sponsor for 2019! They’ll be our sponsoring for all our upcoming ‘Change’ events next year. This includes our continuing series of ‘… Differently‘ events as well as Remodelling Business. Previously, we’ve been working with Sanderson to bring […]

netWINEing success featured in Yorkshire Business Daily

It’s not a secret that netWINEing is one of our most popular events. An evening of informal business networking and endless amounts of wine and nibbles, what’s not to love? With such a killer combo, we’ve always known it’s a great event in the Leeds Business scene. But after it being featured in Yorkshire Business […]

Dimension – The Dementia Progression app

The first Friday of every month, we host our longest standing event: Leeds Digital Coffee Morning. A breakfast event of networking and an interactive app session fully stocked with 200 Degrees coffee & pastries goodies! We spent the morning networking with new and returning faces while enjoying a delicious 200 Degrees breakfast in The Mezzanine in Platform, […]

LeadR – The Leadership Development app

Well…Another first Friday of the month is almost over and so is another LDCM. We had a great turnout this week, as we changed from our usual home of the Mezzanine in Platform, up to the third floor with the Platform. This post will be a rundown of the events of the morning and give […]