As a business aiming to provide cost effective debt collection and management services, drydensfairfax approached LightStart to bring clarity to a complex problem they were facing. Following the 2008 debt crisis, their customers – mainly banks – were being more and more heavily pressured to improve their compliance. This compliance risk, and resulting cost penalties, were being passed down to third party businesses such as Drydens forcing them to make operational savings.

When we initially began consulting with them, their least cost effective ways of communicating with their customers were the most widely used, and the more cost effective digital alternatives were least well used. Through a series of multiple half day workshops, we modelled the collections elements of the business and created maps of their processes – focusing on the many different touchpoints with customers. We were then able to report back on ways to effectively flip their model to a ‘digital first’ approach.

Following this, we were then re-engaged to carry this work forward into their digital offerings – by providing a new architecture design, user journeys, UX and wireframes for their web portal, and for a proposed collection app.