Both First Direct and Leeds Building Society connected with us after attending one of our many events. In the case of First Direct, members of their marketing team attended a tech showcase event which we run, and asked if we were able to run team building events for them. We designed a fun, competitive event similar to our Digital Coffee Morning where we crowdsourced two app ideas, split the team into two and had them develop a complete marketing plan and 60 second pitch. They pitched these back to their bosses to demonstrate their skills and what they learned.

Following this, we ran a number of other events and training sessions on a diverse set of topics. The most interesting and challenging followed First Direct’s decision to implement SAFe 4.0 agile principles across the business – we were asked to introduce the basic concepts of Agile to their marketing team. During the workshop to do so, as often happens, we identified that they had no clearly define BAU process to migrate – so implementing Agile instead became implementing an iterative BAU process for delivery!

Leeds Building Society ended up meeting us after an interactive session we delivered for a 3rd party company, aimed at Business Analysts and ‘change’ people. We connected well with their team – they also found our rapid, 4 step analysis process valuable and (unknown to us) implemented it at LBS on projects.

A year later, we were approached by LBS to run a further training session on our analysis methods for their entire BA team – 15 members. We chose a selection of potential topics, and ran through them using our standard process, but training them at each stage on how to most effectively engage stakeholders, reduce feature creep, and how to focus attendees at requirements gathering sessions towards MVPs and lean working.


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