LightStart founded originally working 4 days a week, for a 5 day salary – which was a very popular topic of discussion amongst clients and competitors. Mid 2018, we decided to migrate to ‘work anytime’ with unlimited holidays, which we announced via social media. After this generated a huge amount of interest, we decided to create a strategic event to bring together multiple businesses who were already ‘Working Differently’, with an event under that title. The event was a great success, with 100 attendees and a large amount of social interest.

For a period of time following on the event, we were tagged into nearly every conversation about flexible working, along with several others from our event. After being tagged into a request for support in this area, we were approached by First Event – an events management company based in Yeadon near Leeds, who desperately wanted to move their young team of 50 to more flexible working patterns. In the background, we’d already created a workshop deliverable version of our learnings from moving over, highlighting challenges, benefits and enablers.

With 48 hours we were on site at First Event providing technical support and guidance on migration to their head of Ops. Within 2 weeks we returned to deliver two sessions to all members of their business including the CEO. We achieved buy-in at all levels of the business, and were commissioned on the same day to return for a further full day workshop to directly work with line managers on how to manage their teams flexibly.

Since this session, we have also launched a public training course direct to team members on Working Differently, which is currently being marketed. We have also continued to position ourselves as the go-to team to discuss flexible working.

This is an example of how we strategically create events to meet specific outcomes – in this case, to meet businesses considering flexible working, and sign them up for workshops, which themselves lead into wider pieces of work.



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