Another good example of non-traditional ways of working is a recent startup project called InLink. The entrepreneur driving the project originally approached a very large Leeds agency – TwentySix – who were unsure how to handle a small project, and especially one with an app component.

TwentySix referred the project to another, possibly even larger agency Brass – who also weren’t geared up to support this type of project. Their original quote was a ‘ballpark’ of £150k.

Through our non-competitive relationships with many ‘competitors’ within the region, Brass referred the project to us. We completed our standard Product Analysis and Design process to create a specification, and then took the project out to market with several development agencies in the area to gather quotes.

Eventually, a local agency called Fablr won the work, which was a £58k initial project with additional work likely within 12 months. The entire process was turned around within 3 months end to end – from referral to development partner sign off.


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