On previous occasions, LightStart have worked with, run workshops for, and provided events, for all the universities within the Leeds region – that includes University of Leeds, Leeds Beckett, Leeds Arts University… and most recently, Leeds Trinity University.

The Head of School at Leeds Trinity attended the Leeds Digital Coffee Morning, and was impressed with our rapid interactive requirements gathering process. She approached us with the idea of running a workshop for her faculty, discussing how to ensure their university (which is 6 miles outside of Leeds) could stay connected with the city centre business community.

By the time we worked into the details of the workshop, the scope broadened to cover the ‘vision and values’ of Leeds Trinity – who are they, who attends, what do they need and how well are these needs being met. In advance of the workshop, we still believed this was purely for the digital and business focused faculty members. We organised an excellent workshop space in Leeds, and arranged all elements of the workshop (as standard.)

On the day, members of ALL faculty teams were present – which meant the focus of the workshop was further broadened to cover their entire course curriculum at a high level, and how to modernise it to meet the needs of their changing student base.

After providing the feedback for the session, we were commissioned for a second workshop to go into greater detail on the outcomes suggested by the first workshop. In addition, we were invited to host the next upcoming Digital Show n Tell event at their site, as their contribution to this year’s Leeds Digital Festival.


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