Locala Community Partnerships is an independent Community Interest Company providing NHS community services to over 400,000 people in Kirklees and beyond. We were originally approached by Locala to discuss an app idea, but after an initial workshop it was clear that the scope for us to support Locala was far greater.

Over two years as their digital provider, we have provided analysis workshops to most of their 32 clinical teams – gathering requirements to launch an entirely re-engineered platform. The overall goals identified on day 1 are to streamline user journeys, remove large unread blocks of text, and route visitors as quickly and effectively as possible to the right outcome. In parallel we provided cost and feature comparisons across 90+ CMS platforms to select the best for them. Once selected, we migrated onto the new platform, designed and built the new site templates. For their largest team – Sexual Health – we provided in depth analysis to create a ‘Tinder Style’ question and answer interface optimised for mobile, their largest user base.

Additionally, we have provided branding support including a new logo, brand guidelines, style guide… even colour choices now in use at their physical sites to help visitors navigate the real world as effectively as their digital sites. The new platform roll-out is completing soon. We even ran stakeholder engagement ‘town hall’ sessions for over 100 stakeholders in a single sitting!


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