LightStart met Tesla at a 3rd party event being hosted at their Leeds showroom, and discussed their commercial objectives for being involved with events. For a Tesla outlet, the only real metric of success is visitors signing up for test drives – they are fully aware that only a small percentage of testers will actually be in a position to purchase one of their cars, but the more of their cars out on the road, the better the brand image.

We invited Tesla to present at our quarterly Digital Show ‘n’ Tell event, which is a non-salesy event where we invite tech businesses to demonstrate and present their most recent innovations. Alongside a number of businesses showing off their AR, VR, digital and physical tech, Tesla brought two of their top spec cars – parked them outside the venue, and invited people to have a play. We had over 100 attendees sign up to the event, and Tesla signed up over a dozen test drives on the night.

Following this, we signed Tesla on as sponsor of our ‘Discovery’ and ‘Change’ events for a three month period. This included 7 events from our catalogue – including Leeds Digital Coffee Morning, where we interactively generate app and digital platform ideas and build them in real time on a whiteboard, and Remodelling Business, where we unpack a tired or changing business model, create alternatives, and invite speakers to present different angles. Tesla attended all of these events, and represented their position as a modern, innovative business.

The culmination of this process was the next Digital Show ‘n’ Tell event, which was hosted at their showroom and was a flagship example of what DSnT aims to deliver. Along with manufacturer level 3D printing, interior 3D modelling and quantitative 3D drone surveying, Tesla provided exclusive tours of their service facilities.


LightStart provided: