The Youth Association have been providing support to young people in the local area since 1904. Like all charities, the key challenge to ensuring they continued to be commissioned and receive funding is evidencing the impact their services they provide. A large part of this for TYA includes ‘walking the walk’ – including appointing young service users to their own board, but they wanted to stay on the edge technically of what could be achieved.

TYA approached us with the beginnings of idea for using a ‘selfie’ to allow young people to commit to achieving a number of development goals. Initially these goals formed a jigsaw piece covering the young person’s selfie, but as they worked with TYA to achieve – and as importantly evidence their achievement of the goal – their image was revealed.

We took the project, now called Selfiesured all the way from initial idea to full app release on iPhone and Android – providing analysis, design, UX and development. Hundred of young people have now used the platform through TYA’s programme, capturing the evidence they need to secure funding.

The next phase – also identified by us – is to take the platform forward as a ‘white label’ for other charities within the same space.


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