Why do I need product design and analysis?

As an innovation design house, we firmly believe the right method is to complete up-front analysis to define what you need before jumping into development.

When seeking digital development quotes, figures can often be given too quickly and based upon inaccurate perceptions of what you want. This often results in a broad range of uncertain costs and timings that have the potential to be completely wrong.

Once the analysis process is complete we will provide you with a quote. All of our development quotes are fixed cost due to the increased confidence our process gives to all stakeholders.


Our approach allows us to:

  • Produce fixed costs and accurate timings
  • Reduce risk
  • Keep projects within budget
  • Ensure projects run more smoothly and predictably

the process

Our Functional Specification includes
Project overview
Project goals
Platform structure
User journeys
Annotated wireframes
Creative renderings of key screens
Phased delivery roadmap
Screen by screen descriptions of all functionality
What you can expect
Initial Analysis Workshop (typically 3-4 hours)
Initial Analysis Phase
Initial Analysis Handover
Wireframe Production
Wireframes Review
Creative Production
Creative Review
Functional Specification Production
Final Handover

How Much Does It Cost?

Ideal for Entrepreneurs who wish to clearly define their ideas – and business professionals seeking internal project sign-off

Ideal for businesses of any size, who need to graphically showcase their ideas – and estimated project cost – to funders, investors, directors & shareholders

Ideal for entrepreneurs and businesses needing the complete, development ready specification for their idea – costs, interface, creative… ready to go!