who it's for

LightStart is an analytical, energetic, creative business – through our many events and ideas workshops we stay close to the latest practices, approaches and trends. We were asked to share our experiences so often, eventually it made sense for us to begin offering training and workshops to our clients and other businesses.

In the last 2 years we have provided training & workshops for everyone from small businesses, all the way to companies such as First Direct and Leeds Building Society. Each of these began with a conversation about a topic they needed to cover, but each ended up with entirely bespoke sessions designed around specific outcomes rather than something delivered straight out of a training manual.

In addition, our sessions are fully interactive. We know from experience running hundreds of client workshops and events, that the best way to learn and to engage is through practical, personal feedback and exercises.


  • Engage your team with new approaches, tactics and techniques
  • Energise tired teams & projects
  • Interactively find solutions to existing problems
  • Create new processes and ways of working

What's involved

LightStart will facilitate the entire session and guide your team throughout, creating a relaxed, thought-provoking and safe space in which everyone’s opinions are aired and respected.

Previous Workshop & Training Topics
Working Differently - how to ditch 9 to 5 and migrate your team to true flexible working
Becoming Agile - mapping YOUR business roles to Agile & Scrum
Business Analysis - Requirements Gathering Techniques
Business Strategy - defining your mission statement, vision & values
'Dragons Den' style sessions - create an idea, pitch and marketing strategy
Go-to-Market Strategy - identify channels, tone of voice and how to best spend your time
What you can expect
Anything from 10-50 people from your side
2 people from LightStart who run the session
External venue with flexible layout
Large whiteboards to capture your ideas
A write up of the outcomes post workshop
Delicious Catering included


get started with your workshops and training

If this sounds like what you need to get your team re-motivated or to get that stalled project moving again, click below to enquire and get your team booked in. We have already done this for a large selection of businesses and teams and, trust us, you won’t regret it. They didn’t.