Lean, entrepreneurial innovation

At LightStart, we’ve made a name for ourselves across the region through our innovative, entrepreneurial approach to all things digital. This includes running over 30 events a year, hosting hundreds of interactive workshops, and supporting businesses in creating a culture of innovation – working with pre-startups all the way to large enterprises.

We know how to stay innovative

Our lean, entrepreneurial approach underpins every project we work on. We believe in ‘failing fast’, testing quickly – in MVPs (minimum viable products) and high energy, and in the power of collaboration to challenge behaviours and drive change!

We’ll help your business stay lean

Every business KNOWS they need to be innovative to remain competitive… but the larger you grow, the harder it is to maintain a culture of innovation. We’ll bring our experience, our business network and our entrepreneurial toolkit to your teams, your projects and your outcomes. Raise energy on your projects, learn innovative practices, all whilst delivering real outcomes!

Lightstart's innovation programme

The Benefits

The LightStart Innovation Programme is like a business accelerator for your business’s projects, problems and ideas!

We’ve been helping businesses take their ideas to market in a lean, entrepreneurial way ever since we founded. We’ve also provided bespoke workshops and training to businesses from startups through to high street brand name enterprises. Our Innovation Programme bring these together to help you:

  • Engage and energise your teams and projects, with a calendar of bespoke, fully interactive content.
  • Learn and implement the most innovative, entrepreneurial approaches, methods and techniques
  • Work on a new project, an existing problem or a ‘challenge’ project provided by us.
  • Learn and develop through:
    • Creative workshops & UX/UI design sessions
    • Private and/or public events & focus groups
    • Expert sessions on topics like Agile methodologies
    • One-to-one advice, challenges and mentorship

…all whilst delivering actual, business focused outcomes!

How Do We Get Started?

Introduce our Innovation Programme into your business, and we’ll work with you to design a calendar of activities and support, tailor-made to meet your goals and challenge your teams.

We support projects, teams and individuals

Right from our first meeting, we’ll identify the best way to support your business – identifying the type of project, the teams and individuals who’ll be working on it, and their individual business and personal development goals.

Is it right for my business?

Whatever your business size or type, we want to work with you. Having run sessions for small start-ups right through to big businesses such as First Direct, we have the experience you need.

*As a paid, externally provided development activity – if correctly applied for – the programme should qualify for R&D Tax Credits*

What does the programme include?
Programmes last between 4 and 12 months
Each delivers a calendar of activities for 10 to 30 people, helping you develop a culture of innovation
Our team plan all content, book all workshops and events, and keep your admin to a minimum
All our sessions are creative and interactive
We provide brief overview reports each month, and a full review presentation at the end
Tier 1: 2-3 sessions each month - £5,250 ex VAT
Tier 2: 5-7 sessions each month - £10,500 ex VAT


Build Your Culture of Innovation

For businesses who are considering our Innovation Programme, we offer a free 1-2 hr interactive workshop for up to 30 people. In the workshop, we’ll create something together – a new idea, a solution to a problem you have, or something just for fun.

It’s a great opportunity to meet your team and give you some value, whilst demonstrating our innovation skills. Simply complete the form below and we’ll be in touch straight away… we like to move fast!