Ask A Grown Up – an adulting app

This morning we dropped an old favourite into a new setting! The 16th instalment of the Leeds Digital Coffee Morning (aka LDCM) marked the very first event to christen LightStart’s new home, Platform, a swanky just-refurbished tower located next to Leeds rail station. Other than the brand spanking new venue, everything about the event was just how you’d remember it: an ever-popular combination of coffee, pastries, networking and digital brainstorming. If you haven’t attended a LightStart coffee morning yet, then firstly: why not? Secondly: basically, it’s our longest-running event during which guests collaboratively concoct a digital idea then sit back and observe as Dan, our very own Co-Founder, expertly transforms it into a functioning strategy with just his noggin and some whiteboard markers. In return for their invaluable participation, attendees enjoy delicious local coffee and pastries from Leeds-based barista babes 200 Degrees and the chance to network in a casual, non-sales-oriented environment.



The morning began, the coffee was brewing, and we were delighted by the appearance of a bright sun and blue sky combo that highlighted the already breathtaking views of Leeds city from our lovely new event space. Doors opened at 8:30am for half an hour of snacking and chatting in a relaxed lounge space before it got down to business. At 9am, once we all were suitably caffeine’d up, everyone headed upstairs to the main venue and Dan kicked the session off by inviting the room to chuck their thinking caps on and think of an app. As usual, several great suggestions hit the board, and before long an app was born.


Ask A Grown Up

“Ask a Grown Up” is a support and information source, designed to help you ‘adult’ as best as you can. It is inspired by an underlying truth that everyone (even if they pretend otherwise) will at some point find themselves entirely clueless in some aspect of ‘adulting’ even if they are most definitely of adult age. The presumption that adults know everything just because they are adults is a silly one, yet we’re all guilty of not asking for the help we need out of fear of being demoted to some derogatory ‘unqualified-to-be-an-adult’ category. This is where Ask A Grown Up comes in: an interactive, voice activated guide to every problem ever faced, for users of any age who want to learn a new skill that will help them in the big adult world we live in.

The app’s main function will be a search, where users can literally shout out problems they are encountering and swiftly find simple spoken and video guides on how to overcome these. For example:

ME: “Hey how do I bleed a radiator?”

AAGU: “Ok. Here are your step by step instructions for radiator bleeding. First…”.

To differentiate the platform from existing walkthrough resources like wiki-how and add a unique touch, we decided that the app should also include an interpersonal feature.  As well as upping their adult game, users could share support with fellow struggling-to-be-adults, or even utilise successfully-adulting people’s expertise, with opportunity for one-on-one tutoring if they fancy.

So there you have it, another fab app to add to our LDCM list, making the whole ‘adulting thing’ much less intimidating. If you are interested in attending an event like this coffee morning, then perfect, because we have plenty coming up and would love to see you there! Our next event is a Short Stories on Wednesday 11th October, and you can find a full list of all the others here.

NOTE: Although we run fun, interesting digital networking events like the LDCM a lot, we also do some slightly less social more serious stuff, too. LightStart is a digital design house that specialises in app and website creation and analysis. If you’re someone who has an idea for a digital product, or would like to improve an existing one, we offer free, one-hour, no strings attached workshops in which we will analyse your goals step-by-step, and provide you with all of the components you will need to power forward and create your dream digital product. Get in touch with us here!