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Well…Another first Friday of the month is almost over and so is another LDCM. We had a great turnout this week, as we changed from our usual home of the Mezzanine in Platform, up to the third floor with the Platform. This post will be a rundown of the events of the morning and give some more info the app that was created in our crowd-sourced session, based around developing as a LeadR. If you missed out or you’re interested in the next LDCM, that will be taking place on Friday 2nd November!

A twist on our usual LDCM layout

Usually, we host our Coffee Mornings starting in the Mezzanine on the ground floor of Platform. This week we took it up to the great space Platform have on the third floor! A slightly better view over the city and a relaxing space to get to know some returning and friendly faces over a delicious breakfast (as usual) supplied by 200 Degrees. After filling our boots with all the coffee and pastries we can hold… we head down to our crowd-sourced app session.

Our guests come up with brand new ideas every month. Our Co-founder, Dan Akers takes the group from original concept to finished idea that could be ready to roll out.

So of course, one of my favourite parts… the other ideas that were come up with this month!


The brand new ideas

The room gives their very best app ideas or a problem that they’re facing at the moment and we come up with an app to solve it.


This month we had:

  • A formal attire rental app
  • An advanced food-tracker app- able to scan food & it tells you your nutrition for the day!
  • Community for sharing leadership ideas
  • Community planning app
  • JukeBox app – to vote songs on & off
  • Cocktails rating appAll in all, some really great and really unique ideas!


The top identified goal was to Aid in Developing leaders through community and collaboration. There were endless amounts of features that were thought of for the app, and all great additions!

The app would consist of a community where they can give feedback on your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Plus, there’s an option to be matched with online business experts, it was suggested as a Leader’s Tinder type thing, but actually, they would aid you with what you’d like to improve on as a leader. There would, of course, be safeguarding in place to keep users of the app safe, especially when using match services through chatbots and monitoring!

Please someone make this app!? It would be such a great idea!!

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