Leeds the Way – the way to discover Independent Leeds

Another successful LDCM and a very busy one! We were celebrating our 2 year anniversary of running the Leeds Digital Coffee Morning. Here’s a rundown of what happened at this month’s LDCM – don’t forget that if you couldn’t make it this month, we host them every first Friday of the month! Sign up on our events page.

The LDCM process

Our Coffee Mornings are always laid-back, starting with a session of networking. It takes place in Platform’s Mezzanine, along with some fresh coffee and still-warm pastries provided by 200 Degrees.

After our guests have networked, the group move upstairs to an interactive session of crowd-sourcing a new app. The ideas organically come from our attendees and Dan, our co-founder, goes through the LightStart interactive process. The process consists of taking the app from idea to a finished concept. These sessions are always relaxed, free of salesy-ness and…don’t worry, you never get picked to give your ideas! You only input if you’d like to. 😊

                                              The App Ideas

The session always begins with our guests giving their ideas of apps and what pain’s they have in life and how an app could aid them. This month’s contributions were:

  • Rate my rental
  • Property status tracking
  • Smart to do list
  • Smart timer
  • Promote Leeds City to visitors
  • Local environment detector (pot hole detector)

Some good ones this time as always, but the most voted for came out as Promoting Leeds City to Visitors! Quickly a name was developed: Leeds The Way.

Leeds The Way!

The main goal (decided by the room) was to help people discover Leeds, and most importantly the independent and local businesses that Leeds has, not to mention to appeal to the interests and events of the user as well. The app would entice Leeds’ locals and they can pass it on to their friends, then to Leeds’ tourists and visitors.

It was interesting to see everyone in the room voted that they would use the app based off recommendations. They would be more interested if a friend recommended it than an influencer!

The features are used to drive the app and make people want to use it. The main being app being associated with a type of Leeds Loyalty card. This way, when you visit a Leeds local or independent business on the list, you can receive points. These points can be withdrawn in the form of leisure activities or event attendance or could even be paid forwards to other like charities or to lower income families to use. Therefore, to benefit the whole community!

Would you use a Leeds Loyalty card or the equivalent of where you live?

If you like the sound of our unique mix of networking and digital work-shopping, come along to our next coffee morning! We host several other events throughout the year, so if you’re itching to attend a LightStart event in the meantime, we’re sure there’s something for you. Check out all our events here!

We also offer these workshops one-to-one as a free, one hour taster – here is more info or you can sign up!