LightStart supports Leeds Building Society analysts

We are very pleased to announce that LightStart has supported one of the UK’s largest building societies. We hosted a training workshop for the business analyst team at Leeds Building Society which resulted in the conceptual development of a house-buying app and platform.

Having met in 2017 at an external event which our Dan Akers had been invited to present at, we were commissioned to support the entire business analyst team to re-visit the LightStart analysis approach from the event in more detail and to discuss the different ways it could be implemented and used at Leeds Building Society. With coffee from Beanify and a superb platter of lunch and snacks provided by our new friends over at Haley & Clifford, our guests were in for a great session!

The workshop, which focused on implementing the LightStart analysis method, was delivered to 15 business analysts from the 140-year old organisation. The half-day workshop took place at Platform in Leeds, and was run by Dan alongside Nicolle Moore, our Junior Business Analyst. It was an interactive session with ‘donor’ app ideas provided by us.

The Process

At each stage of the interactive development process, Dan explained what was happening in detail and how it could be used effectively to deal with common business analysis challenges, such as unfocussed stakeholders or overly-detailed requirements.

The workshop ended with an hour of Q&A discussing agile business analysis, Dan shared his knowledge on how business analysis and agile development can be made to work effectively together.

Dan said:

“We were delighted to host a workshop for the Leeds Building Society’s business analysts, through our interactive workshops we strive to share our agile and business analysis expertise to allow firms to visualise how implementing our unique approach will work within their company.”

After enjoying an earlier Digital Apps presentation by Dan, Jo Breslin-Brooke, Business Change Manager at Leeds Building Society, wanted the rest of the Society’s Business Analysis team to benefit from the exercise.

“I was keen to add the technique to our BA Toolkit as we continue to invest in the training and developing our team,” said Jo.

“The team enjoyed an interesting and interactive session at Lightstart HQ, learning how we can use the analysis technique in our world. Colleagues have already put the technique to good use in project scoping and requirements gathering sessions.”


Want to experience something like this for yourself or for your team?

If you would like to see the same process that we presented to LBS, there are three ways you can do this:

  1. Come along to any of our Leeds Digital Coffee Mornings on the first Friday of the month. To check out the dates for the rest of the year, check out our events page.
  2. We run an event specifically for Business Analysts, System Analysts, Scrum Masters, Product owners and anyone else in a change-focused role. If this is you then come along to our Remodelling Business event
  3. If you have an idea for your own digital product and want to run through this with Dan, our expert Business Analyst, then book yourself in for a FREE one hour workshop with us! There is more information about it here but it involves you, your brain, our BA team, our whiteboard analysis room and some whiteboard pens. Oh and excellent coffee. Obviously.