netWINEing success featured in Yorkshire Business Daily

It’s not a secret that netWINEing is one of our most popular events. An evening of informal business networking and endless amounts of wine and nibbles, what’s not to love? With such a killer combo, we’ve always known it’s a great event in the Leeds Business scene. But after it being featured in Yorkshire Business Daily, it’s great to see it be in the spotlight!

We get a lot of signups consisting of people coming along with their work colleagues on working outings. Also, individuals coming along to meet plenty of new faces and also lots of returning ones. It removes the daunting element that networking events can sometimes have. We had a whopping 193 signups – yes we did a double take too! Plus, we’re sure our next ones are only going to get bigger and better.

A brilliant number, and bringing more and more people to our other great event. Upcoming events including Selling Differently and LDCM to name a few.

Here’s a snapshot of the article below, click here to read the full text. For the next netWINEing click the link here for the events page.

Since its first netWINEing event in November 2017, the company has hosted six in the last year, welcoming more than 550 online sign-ups and attendees from over 350 different businesses.

With almost 1000 glasses of wine poured, the event has become hugely popular among the Leeds business community.

Based in Platform, LightStart works with businesses for the duration of the digital product lifecycle, from idea to launch, providing services including analysis, business strategy, focus groups, branding and development.

The most recent event took place at the CPP Group International Support Centre office space in Leeds city centre from 6-8pm.

Thanks for the feature, Leeds Business Daily!