Plan&Go – the social planning app

After we were unfortunately left with no choice but to cancel March’s Coffee Morning due to weather conditions of the extreme kind (yes, that snow!) we were raring to get back to our monthly routine with another LDCM last Friday. If you haven’t been, it is one of our longest standing and most popular digital events, and we’ll tell you why.

The winning LDCM format

We start off with some relaxed networking in the mezzanine space at Platform, with guests enjoying each other’s company and also the 200 Degrees team, who lovingly provide the goods in coffee and breakfast pastry form every month (check them out here!). Then comes the main event – the app creation session! Totally crowdsourced from guests themselves, Dan, LightStart’s Co-Founder, asks for everyone’s best app ideas (anything goes – there are no stupid ones!) after which there is a vote. Once the winner is chosen, Dan moves through the creation process, working collaboratively with everyone and visualising it on a large board. Within the hour-long

session, the idea has evolved from only a thought to a full platform with features, an audience, and finally, a launch. When we say interactive we really mean it, and we are always very eager to hear the brilliant app ideas that people bring – there are fresh and interesting new ones each and every time.

Crowdsourcing fun

Here are some of the suggestions that kicked off the latest session:

  • a Supermarket app where you scan and pay there and then – no queue time!
  • a Wedding comparison app, enabling you to compare prices of everything from veils to the booze in one simple system!
  • ‘Shut google up’ app – we personally loved this idea – stop google
  • UFO networking app – always wanted to be able to track people like you can UFOs? Well this app would provide an instant low-down of any other business people in the nearby area!
  • Event engagement app – a platform for giving information about events, designed to save on all the paper hand-outs and leaflets always given at them.


And finally, the winning app – a new and improved take on the Doodle platform, a friend coordinating app. If you’re not aware, Doodle is a simple tool that allows groups of people to enter when they are all free, so that time slots can be booked or a mutually acceptable date and time can be chosen for busy friends. This app, Plan&Go, is the ultimate friend outing platform, where you can do everything from arrange dates that work for everyone, hold polls of what everyone wants to do, and even easily access deals on group outings to make it that bit easier to decide. These are just basics of Plan&Go, which would be initially launched as the MVP (minimum viable product), but we came up with many other features that could be added later…money pots to encourage group savings for holidays or big plans, GPRS tracking of that pal that always wanders, and possibly even a rewards system for socialising – friend points! You could even go down the opposing route of friend shaming those who don’t manage to be so sociable – those who miraculously hurt their ankle every week, we see you – but that may be for a later update 🙂

Finally, when discussing Plan&Go’s market viability, everyone agreed it sounded like it could work excellently as a cheap and honest tool to enhance friendships everywhere. However, with a little tongue-in-cheek humour and some alcohol-related features, we think it could also be of great interest to stag-do companies and others in the events sector – for some big profits. Because who doesn’t love an app that makes people get together and have FUN? Keep scrolling to see the rest of the features we chose for this app.

If you like the sound of our unique mix of networking and digital workshopping, come along to our next coffee morning – it’s on Friday 4th May! And if you can’t make it don’t worry, we hold one every single month – not to mention that we host several other events throughout the year, so we’re sure there will be something for you. Check out our events here!

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