Taking Your App Idea To Market: A Case Study with Jack Boyle

Jack Boyle was struggling to get his app idea accurately quoted, which was preventing him from taking the crucial next steps in building his revolutionary new idea. Here’s what happened when someone he knew recommend the LightStart team to help…..

How we help take digital ideas to market

The problem

Jack was getting frustrated. An experienced builder, he had spotted an opportunity to create an app which collated the tracking and payment of masses of wholesaler invoices into one, simplified platform.

Jack explained “Before LightStart, I’d been to a lot of companies with my app idea, but no one could give me any real indication of an accurate price. The prices I did get were coming back as silly money – in the 150K+ region – which I knew was way off what I should have been paying!”

Eventually, Jack was referred to LightStart as a company who could help him with his unique app idea.

The Solution

After meeting with Jack, the team understood that he needed something which he could show to app development specialists, in order to get a both an accurate quote, and also to ensure his digital product was built to achieve exactly what he needed it to do.

The solution was clear to us – we took Jack through our time-tested digital product analysis process. This consisted of an initial ideas workshop (to break out goals, features and app development phases), which then informed the app structure, user journeys, wireframes, and even the development roadmap.

At the end of our process, we had developed both a functional spec (which allowed Jack to accurately define what the app would do) along with some designs for key pages of his prototype – which gave him some useful sales assets for promoting his new app to customers.

Next, we linked Jack up with our trusted development partners within the local region, so he was able to obtain a much more reasonable quote, and get the app built with a development team he felt confident in.

Jack’s thoughts on working with LightStart

When we asked Jack for feedback on the process and if he’d recommend us, he said:

“I would absolutely recommend this process for anyone looking to have an app built – you need to go down this route with LightStart. We were originally quoted over 150K for the app but have since been requoted at 58K after working with the team, which has obviously saved us a lot of money! It’s also allowed us to feel more prepared when speaking to development companies, and reassured that we won’t have any additional costs or unwanted surprises!”

We also asked Jack what the best aspect of working with us was, he explained:

“Communication. The team get back to you quickly throughout the process, so you don’t feel left in the dark or feel the need to chase for updates. For me, that’s been one of the best things – alongside making the prototype and the obvious cost savings.”

Thank you to Jack Boyle for the kind words and for allowing us to join him on his entrepreneurial journey! You can connect with Jack on Linkedin and check out his website. Watch this space for the app launch, which is set to be a huge hit for architects and builders in the near future. The easy-to-use app combines wholesaler accounting platforms with Xero, creating an auto publishing invoice system – which will save a lot of admin time for busy professionals!  

Have you got an app idea you need help developing? Get in touch with the team at ideas@lightstart.co.uk – your first workshop is completely free! Alternatively, book into our free ideas workshop here – let’s make your idea into a reality!