who it's for

We run our sessions for businesses who would like to take their staff out of their usual day to day working environment, and plug them in to an engaging, creative, and fully interactive workshop. This might need to happen if your team has hit an impasse, be it internal politics or changing requirements.

During these sessions we typically work on your team’s new ideas to re-group, re-energise and re-direct existing projects. We work collaboratively to find solutions to specific problems or challenges, or to interactively crowd-source a completely new idea from the group. LightStart will facilitate the entire workshop and guide your team throughout, creating a relaxed, thought-provoking and safe space in which everyone’s opinions are aired.

What's involved

Despite being a technology business, during the sessions we don’t actually use any at all! Instead, we drive the entire workshop using whiteboards. Our tried and tested approach used in these workshops is the same analysis-led process we use with all of our clients, and every project which has been through this process has been a success as a result.

How the sessions work:

  • Typically 5-15 people from your side
  • 2 people from LightStart who run the session
  • External venue with flexible layout
  • Large whiteboards
  • Catering included


We offer two versions of these corporate workshops – a half day or a full day! Very simple.

The half day costs £975 and the full day costs £1,950 (both ex. VAT).

If this sounds like what you need to get your team re-motivated or to get that stalled project moving again, click below to enquire and get your team booked in. We have already done this for a large selection of businesses and teams and, trust us, you won’t regret it. They didn’t.