who it's for

We regularly get asked to run workshops for clients or businesses. Our interactive process can be applied to many business scenarios to help find solutions to problems, be it a project, a change requirement, a team reshuffle or the need to create something completely new.

During these sessions we typically work on your team’s new ideas to re-group, re-energise and re-direct existing or new projects. We work collaboratively to find solutions to specific problems or challenges, or to interactively crowd-source a completely new idea from the group. By the end of the workshop YOUR ideas and thought processes will be mapped out on the board in a very clear and structured format.


  • Engage your team with a new approach and external setting
  • Interactively find solutions to existing problems
  • Create new processes and ways of working
  • Define your road to success

What's involved

LightStart will facilitate the entire workshop and guide your team throughout, creating a relaxed, thought-provoking and safe space in which everyone’s opinions are aired and respected.

Our team workshops include
Half to full day facilitated workshop
Defining the issues and goals
Identifying your key features
Prioritising the order of actions
Creating a phased roadmap
What you can expect
Anything from 10-50 people from your side
2 people from LightStart who run the session
External venue with flexible layout
Large whiteboards to capture your ideas
A write up of the outcomes post workshop
Catering included

get started with your team workshops

If this sounds like what you need to get your team re-motivated or to get that stalled project moving again, click below to enquire and get your team booked in. We have already done this for a large selection of businesses and teams and, trust us, you won’t regret it. They didn’t.