‘The Force’ takes over LDCM

An LDCM with a twist this week! Hosting our monthly coffee morning this time on May 4th, of course meant we had to incorporate a Star Wars theme. In our usual format of LDCM, along-side sweet treats from our friends at 200 Degrees, crowd-sourcing brings fresh and diverse ideas for a new app, but we mixed it up this week, and Dan, LightStart’s Co-Founder, asked the audience for their perceptions of ‘The Force’ in digital form, in terms of what binds us together. Progressively, Dan moves through the creation process, with everyone inputting their ideas and contributing to a large vision board (of sorts). 

Crowd-sourcing developed multiple ideas surrounding what this ‘binding force’ could be. Here are a few of them:

  • Knowledge, through either education or experiences
  • Emotional intelligence
  • A shared cause
  • History and culture
  • Aspirations

Following on, our group uncovered existing platforms that may already attempt to explore this, these were: the internet and social medias, or even through event tools, such as a meet-up. 

The final concept
The final idea was identified: ‘The Bubble’.  This concept centred around being unaware of what else is around, and the only constant exposure is to consistent day-to-day life with those that agree or believe in the same things, without being open to immerse in other things like culture or new experiences. Therefore, the aim of the session, was finding a way to burst ‘the bubble’ and mix culture with digital.

Here is where the promised twist comes in! Rather than an app, the group decided on a plug-in being more suitable. A tool used for example, on Facebook where data would be captured through the plug-in browsing over your social media profiles to collate data and provide a result: a percentage or amount of how much you exist inside your own bubble. Combined with how to combat this and adapt yourself to become more aware and open to the world.

The overall goal of the plug-in being to create a balance, between the light and dark sides. We had to use reference to Star Wars of course…The dark side acts as the bubble in this case, where interaction only happens with those we agree with and those we don’t shut out. The light however, being an openness to immerse and experience new things, AKA, to burst this bubble.

If you like the sound of our unique networking and conversion event that workshops a new app every week then please feel free to come along to our next LDCM – June 1st! If you are unable to make that date, we do hold one every month alongside a few other unique networking events, click here for more info!